Cataracts are a very common problem for people as we age. You can sometimes see cataracts when you are speaking with an elderly friend or family member. Visible clouding of their eyes may be visible. This is cataracts. A cataract is simply the clouding of the lens inside the eye.

The problem with this cloudiness is that it worsens as we age. It will eventually obstruct vision entirely. It is the most common cause of blindness around the world, but it is also very treatable.

What Causes Cataracts?

In a typical younger person, the lenses we see through inside our eyes that focus light are clear. The light that comes through them is focused on the retina. The rest of our eye structures work together to adjust and transmit images to the brain. This allows us to see clearly. We may need the help of eyewear, but we are able to see clearly.

The lenses inside our eyes are made of mostly water and proteins. The protein stays aligned in a way that our lenses remain clear. As we age, this protein can clump together and become opaque. This is a cataract and is the cloudiness that causes blurriness and difficulty seeing.

Treatment Options

The good news is that treatment for cataracts is safe and effective. One type of treatment is surgery. Cataracts surgery replaces the lens inside an affected eye. This restores your clear vision. Other treatment may be possible, but cataract surgery is common and very helpful for many people.

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August 30, 2016